B&B Organic Green Tea

B&B® Premium Quality ORGANIC Green Tea is brewed from the finest unfermented tea leaves from the highlands of SriLanka.

It is purely organic nature means it has no artificial flavorings or infusions mixed with it, which is why it is the first choice for healthy drinking.

Another reason to choose B&B® Premium Quality ORGANIC Green Tea is its great flavor and many essential health benefits.

Our Vision

To be the best in quality consumer products.

The Company

Nedpointe Global Concept has an enviable name in the Teas and Beverage business.
With its operations rooted firmly in the manufacture, importation, and distribution of the B&B (R) Premium Quality Organic Green Tea; Nedpointe Global Concept has become a household name in the food & drinks industry.

Based in Lagos Nigeria, the company has customers and distributors in every region of the country. Nedpointe Global Concept has partners in Europe and Asia.
Nedpointe Global Concept

Our Mission

To promote health and wealth through quality products, and employment opportunities.